The Challenger Vs10 2 Post Lift

Purchasing a vehicle lift is a very important decision to make for purchase managers when deciding what lift is needed in their service bay. Some of the specifications that can help decide on the proper piece of equipment to purchase are lifting capacity, power, and lifting configuration. There are many more factors to look into also. Let’s look at the Challenger VS10 Two Post Vehicle Lift to get a good idea of what is available on the market for service bays. We will examine the features; specifications, and pricing of this lift. These elements are important in helping any purchase manager, or consumer in making a decision on purchasing equipment.

First, let’s examine the features that come with the VS10 2 post lift. The VS10 is in the line up of Challengers Versymmetric lifting applications. What it means to be Versymmetric is that these car lifts can be configured for both asymmetric lifting applications, and symmetric lifting applications. This provides open door clearance to driver controls when a vehicle is hoisted above ground. Other features of the VS10 two post car lift are:

??? Double Telescoping Screw Pads

??? Adjustable heights between 11?? 11-1/2″ and 12?? 5-1/2″ and adjustable widths 10?? 11″ to 11?? 4-3/4″

??? Single point mechanical lock release

??? Padded overhead shut off system

??? Premium powder coat finish

??? Rubber door guards

The above features are important to know about the VS10 or any other automotive equipment a purchase manager is researching.

Second, let’s look at the some brief specifications of this piece of equipment. The VS10 2 post has a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs. with a speed of rise of 52 seconds. Other specifications that are important to note are:

??? Rise height: 76″

??? Column height (min/max): 11′ 11-1/2″ / 12′ 5-1/2″

??? Cylinder height at full rise: 12 1/-3/8″

??? Adj. overall width (min/max): 10′ 11″ / 11′ 4-3/4″

??? Drive-Thru clearance (min/max): 92-3/8″ / 98-3/8″

??? Floor to Overhead Switch (min/max): 11′ 6″ / 12′

??? Front Arm Reach (min/max): 22-1/8″ / 41-1/2″

??? Rear Arm Reach (min/max): 38-5/8″ / 61-3/8″

??? Screw Pad Height2 (min/max): 3-7/8″ / 7-1/8″

??? Inside of Columns (min/max): 104-1/2″ / 110-1/2″

??? Motor: 2HP, Single Phase, 60Hz

??? Voltage: 208v – 230v

??? Max load per arm: 2,500 lbs.

??? Ceiling height required (min/max): 12′ 2″ – 12′ 6-1/2″

These specifications are vital in choosing the right lift for your service bay, or even your home garage for that matter.

Finally, when deciding on making any purchase, knowing the price is important as anything else, because a purchase manager might have to request a quote from a dealer or distributor in order to decide if it fits in the company’s budget. The Challenger VS10 is price usually starts at around $2995.00. To sum it up; knowing the features, specification, accessories, and price when looking to purchase a two post lift or any other piece of equipment is vital in helping with your decision.